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Minnie Peterson Papers
1949-1978, 1 reel

Collection includes scrapbooks, correspondence and photographs of a well-known African-American civil rights activist in Dayton.

Subject Area(s): African-Americans


Register of Black and Mulatto Persons Records
1804-1856, 1 reel

Records of freed blacks from Greene, Logan, Miami, and Montgomery counties. Information usually includes name, age, birthdate, place and date of freedom, name of former owner, and a short physical description.

Subject Area(s): African-Americans



Matthews-Howard Family Papers
1908-1992, 4 lin. ft.

Graduates of Wilberforce University, Rev. Wesley Matthews and his wife, Ruth "Pat" Matthews, were active in civil rights, church work, and community organizing in the Dayton, Yellow Springs, and Urbana, Ohio areas. After Rev. Matthews died in 1978, Pat Matthews remarried Wendell Howard, a Springfield pharmacist. Papers in this collection include business and personal correspondence from both families, records from a depression-era WPA education program in Clark County, family photographs, a scrapbook and correspondence from Tuskegee Institute, a Tuskegee Airmen yearbook, and materials pertaining to the Matthews' various civic involvements.

Subject Area(s): African-Americans, Family and Personal Papers, Local History



Charles M. Austin Collection
1871, 1981-1999, 0.75 lin. ft. and 181 MB

The Charles M. Austin Collection documents the results of Mr. Austin's extensive research on African-American history in the Miami Valley, and particularly in Dayton and Montgomery County, Ohio. His papers include recorded speeches, interviews and articles.

Subject Area(s): African-Americans, Local History



Neal V. Loving Collection
1930-1998, 9 lin. ft. and 2207 MB

Neal Loving, recognized as one of the "African American Pioneers in Aviation", was a renowned airplane designer and an aerospace engineer at the Flight Dynamics Laboratory, Wright Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB), Dayton, Ohio. The collection contains papers, photographs, and blueprints of Loving's designs, including his WR-1 midget racer named "Loving's Love".

Subject Area(s): Aviation, African-Americans, Local History



Ann Cooper Collection
early 1900s-2002, 50 lin. ft.

Ann Cooper is a prolific author with over 600 published magazine articles and ten books on aviation notables to her credit. The research collection is an excellent source of information on women aviators such as Jessie Woods, Patty Wagstaff, Edna Gardner Whyte, Dorothy S. Lewis, and Nancy Hopkins Tier, as well as African American aviators including the Tuskegee Airmen

Subject Area(s): Aviation, African-Americans, Women



Kent Organ Dayton School Desegregation Papers
1977-2004, .25 lin. ft.

The Kent Organ Dayton School Desegregation Papers consist primarily of the final report of the Ad Hoc Committee to the Dayton Citizens Advisory Board on the Dayton School Desegregation Plan. The report was submitted to Judge Carl B. Rubin in August 1977 after being approved by the Dayton Citizens Advisory Board. Kent Organ was chairman of the Ad Hoc Committee.

Subject Area(s): African-Americans, Education and Local Schools, Local History



Gladys Turner Finney Papers
1957-2014, 9 lin. ft.

Gladys Tressia Turner was born on September 16, 1935 in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Education from AM&N College in Pine Bluff in 1957 and a Master of Social Work from the Atlanta University School of Social Work in Atlanta, Georgia in 1959. Included in the collection are autobiographical articles, brochures, correspondence, meeting minutes, newspaper clippings and reports that document Gladys Finney's long, distinguished career in social work in the Dayton, Ohio area. There are also materials that concern her private life, her involvement with her church and her personal interests, as well as material relating to the career of her late husband, Frederick Marshall Finney, who was an economist, social scientist and nationally known writer in the field of numismatics.

Subject Area(s): Family and Personal Papers, Women, African-Americans, Local History



James H. McGee Papers
1929-1995, 5.25 lin. ft.

James Howell McGee was the first African-American mayor of Dayton, Ohio and one of the first African-American mayors of a major U.S. city. He practiced law in the Miami Valley and was involved in civil rights and Dayton city politics. His papers include speeches, correspondence, and photographs.

Subject Area(s): African-Americans, Politics, Local History



Don L. Crawford Papers
1918-2003, 2.5 lin. ft.

This collection includes newspaper clippings, magazine articles, scrapbooks, correspondence, speech notes and publicity, photographs, certificates, and campaign literature. Most items are by or about Don L. Crawford, Jr., one of Dayton's best-known African American leaders of the 1960s-1980s. A few items in the collection relate to other Crawford family members Don L., Sr., Agatha Crawford Payne, and Donella Crawford

Subject Area(s): African-Americans, Politics, Local History



Dayton Urban League Records
1940-1968, 18.5 lin. ft.

The Dayton Urban League was chartered in 1947. In conjunction with a nation-wide League Network, the Dayton Urban League made an important contribution to the general welfare of the local community through its services to African-Americans in Dayton. The League attempted to improve employment opportunities, accelerate guidance programs for young people, initiate greater participation of Blacks in the activities of other welfare agencies and civic organizations, and to improve the climate of race relations in Dayton. Includes Board of Directors' minutes, annual reports, financial records, extensive correspondence, committee reports, subject files, news releases, and other related materials.

Subject Area(s): African-Americans, Civic Organizations, Local History



Springfield Urban League Records
1915-1970 (bulk 1961-1970), 5.0 lin. ft.

Records include constitution and by-laws, Board of Directors' minutes, reports, correspondence, financial records, subject files, news releases, clippings and other related materials of this chapter of the National Urban League.

Subject Area(s): African-Americans, Civic Organizations, Local History



Dayton Unit NAACP Records
2002-2017, 1.65 linear foot and 97.1 MB

The Dayton Unit of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) was founded in 1915, six years after the national organization was established in 1909. The collection includes brief summary histories of the organization, annual reports, program books from the annual Freedom Fund Banquet, and newspaper articles.

Subject Area(s): Local History, Civic Organizations, African-Americans



Virginia Hamilton "A Hometown Celebration" Scrapbook
2005-2006, 0.5 linear foot (1 scrapbook)

Virginia Hamilton, a distinguished African-American author from Yellow Springs, was a distinguished author of children and young adult books. This scrapbook commemorates a celebration of Hamilton's life that was held on October 29, 2005, at the Yellow Springs Community Library. Hamilton's husband Arnold Adoff and children Jaime and Leah assisted with the event. The event was an all-day affair that featured speakers and workshops for young writers. The scrapbook includes reproduced photographs, clippings, guest book, and marketing materials surrounding the event.

Subject Area(s): Local History, African-Americans, Education and Local Schools



"Who Knows?" by Paul Laurence Dunbar
1915, 1 folder

Sheet music and RCA phonograph recording of "Who Knows" located in oversize collection materials.

Subject Area(s): Paul Laurence Dunbar, Arts, African-Americans, Local History



Paul Laurence Dunbar Newspaper Clippings
1934, 1 folder

Two Dunbar poems and newspaper articles concerning the death and funeral of Dunbar and his mother.

Subject Area(s): Paul Laurence Dunbar, African-Americans, Local History



Paul Laurence Dunbar Poem, "To Anna C."
ca. 1900, 1 folder

Original handwritten and typed version of a poem, "To Anna C." written by Paul Laurence Dunbar, dating between 1900 and 1906.

Subject Area(s): Paul Laurence Dunbar, African-Americans, Arts, Local History



Charles M. Austin, Travelin' in th' Footsteps: The Dayton Youth Movement 1937-1938
2008, 1 folder

Booklet written by Charles M. Austin concerning the Dayton Youth Movement of the 1930s. See also, MS-267.

Subject Area(s): African-Americans, Local History



Leo Lucas Oral History Interview
1975, 0.1 lin. ft. (1 audiocassette) and 23 MB (1 digital file)

The collection consists of an oral history interview audio recording with Leo Lucas, a member of the Dayton City School Board during the battle over busing students for desegregation. The interview was conducted in the summer of 1975 by high school student Mark Benbow.

Subject Area(s): Education and Local Schools, African-Americans, Oral History Collections, Local History



Anna Gee Blackwell Autobiography, He's All I Need: My Life Story
Undated, 1 item

This collection consists of a self-published autobiography by Anna Gee Blackwell titled He's All I Need: My Life Story. The book not only details Ms. Blackwell's life, but also serves as a chronicle of mid-to-late 20th Century middle-class African-American experience in the Miami Valley.

Subject Area(s): African-Americans, Local History, Family and Personal Papers



Unidentified World War I Soldier's Letter
1919, 1 folder

The collection contains a postcard of a transport ship and a letter from a World War I soldier to his brother while enroute home. The letter provides insight on race relations in a segregated army.

Subject Area(s): Family and Personal Papers, World War I, African-Americans



"Freedom Libraries: Mississippi Summer Project, 1964" Materials
1964-1965, 1996, 0.1 lin. ft.

This collection contains materials pertaining to the Freedom Libraries project undertaken by Virginia Steele during Freedom Summer of 1964. The materials were assembled by Mary Steele Morgan, Virginia's sister. The collection consists primarily of journal articles about the project.

Subject Area(s): African-Americans, Education and Local Schools, Local History



"Dusky Sleep-Song" Sheet Music
1922, 0.05 lin. ft. (1 item)

The collection consists of sheet music for a single piece of music: "Dusky Sleep-Song," with words by Paul Laurence Dunbar and music by Grace A. Hammon.

Subject Area(s): African-Americans, Arts, Paul Laurence Dunbar, Local History



Catholic Social Services of the Miami Valley, Dayton Refugee Oral Histories
2019, 281 MB

The collection documents the stories of six (6) local Dayton area refugees who originated from Congo, Iraq, Burundi, and Ethiopia. It contains audio oral histories, transcripts, and project documentation. All interviews are available in CORE Scholar.

Subject Area(s): African-Americans, Oral History Collections, Local History



Yellow Springs Civil Rights Demonstration Photographs
1964, 1 folder

Contains photographs relating to a demonstration that occurred in Yellow Springs, Ohio, in 1964. Also includes copies of court cases that arose from the demonstration.

Subject Area(s): African-Americans, Photographic Collections, Local History



Bessie Coleman Photographs
ca. 1920s, 1 folder

Photocopy of portion of book about Bessie Coleman and copies of several photographs of Bessie Coleman.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, Women, African-Americans



Paul Laurence Dunbar Papers
1872-1906, 1 folder

Contains several items pertaining to Paul Laurence Dunbar.

Subject Area(s): African-Americans, Paul Laurence Dunbar, Local History



C.J. McLin Jr. Autobiography
1998, 1 folder

Transcript of an autobiography by C.J. McLin, Jr. Also available in published form in the Archives and the Libraries collections.

Subject Area(s): Family and Personal Papers, African-Americans, Local History



"My Little Black Lamb" by Paul Laurence Dunbar
1922, 1 folder

Original voice and piano score for song written by Paul Laurence Dunbar.

Subject Area(s): African-Americans, Arts, Paul Laurence Dunbar, Local History