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1913 Flood History



Riesinger Funeral Home Records
1902-1947, 3 reels

A microfilm copy of MS-75.

Subject Area(s): Business and Industry, 1913 Flood History, Family and Personal Papers


Miami Conservancy District Photographs
1866-1935, 7 reels

This collection is a microfilm edition of all available photographic images collected by the Miami Conservancy District up until 1935. Gathered from three repositories, the Arthur Morgan Papers at Antioch College, the Miami Conservancy District offices, and the Wright State University Archives, the 3600 images document early Dayton floods, the 1913 flood and its aftermath, the establishment of the Conservancy District, the construction of the flood protection works, the labor camps, engineering studies, and railroad relocations. There are also aerial views of the Miami Valley area as well as miscellaneous street scenes and images of early twentieth-century Dayton and the surrounding area. See also MS-128.

Subject Area(s): Civic Organizations, 1913 Flood History



Miami Conservancy District Records
1897-2018, 70.5 lin. ft.

Records include the founding documents, minutes, financial records, and reports of the Dayton Citizen's Relief Commission and the Dayton Flood Prevention Committee, two early organizations formed to deal with the aftermath of the 1913 Dayton Flood. The remainder of the Conservancy records consist of administrative and financial reports, publications, files from the (Arthur) Morgan Engineering Company, legal materials, diaries, correspondence, files pertaining to the labor camps organized to construct the flood prevention works, and files pertaining to the relocation of the railroad lines. In addition, there are extensive subject files and technical reports. The scrapbooks cover the years 1913-1927 and consist of newspaper clippings from local and national papers covering such subjects as the 1913 Flood and its aftermath, the early movement for flood prevention, the formation of the Miami Conservancy District, opposition to its formation, and the construction of the Conservancy's flood prevention works. The 3500 photographs in this collection include many formats, including glass plates, negatives, prints, and lantern slides, and cover such subjects as flood damage, construction, labor camps, railroad relocation, aerial views, Conservancy personnel, and various street scenes and images of early 20th-century Dayton and the surrounding area. Note: restrictions may apply.

Subject Area(s): Civic Organizations, 1913 Flood History, Local History, Nature and Parks



Richard Fullerton Photographic Collection
ca. 1870-1989 (Bulk 1860-1930), 7.0 lin. ft.

This collection consists of over 2,000 photographs and negatives collected, and in some cases taken by Richard Fullerton, who spent his career in the photography laboratory at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. The portrait photography in the collection represents predominant photographic processes, portraiture styles, and formats from the second half of the 19th century. The collection contains tintypes, cartes-de-visites, cabinet cards, albumen prints, platinum prints, matte collodion prints, silver gelatin prints, and negatives. Also included is a visual history of Dayton, Ohio with photographs of Dayton railroads and interurban, the local fire departments, Montgomery County Courthouse, Dayton photographers and their studios, Wright Brothers buildings and events, the 1913 flood, street scenes, and aerial photographs. The collection also includes Fullerton's subject files on Dayton history topics, and negatives. Fullerton's family genealogy photographs are included.

Subject Area(s): Photographic Collections, 1913 Flood History, Railroad and Canal History, Local History



William Preston Mayfield/Caporale Photo Collection
ca. 1880-1979, 1 lin. ft.

Contains 356 photographs collected by Michael Caporale. The collection consists of photographs taken by Dayton photographer William Preston Mayfield of Dayton scenes of the Flood of 1913, advertising images, building interiors and exteriors, street scenes, and people. Several other Mayfield photographs are of sports and other leisure activities such as soapbox derbies, boxing, (including a shot of Jack Dempsey), as well as magicians Harry Blackstone Sr., and Howard Thurston. This collection also includes the work of many well known photographers dating between the 1880s and the 1970s. Please note: permission to duplicate Mayfield photos is required.

Subject Area(s): Arts, Photographic Collections, 1913 Flood History, Local Sports, Journalism, Local History



1913 Dayton Flood Oral Histories Collection
1995-1996, 10 videotapes

The 1913 Flood Survivors Oral Histories is a collection of video oral history interviews with survivors of the 1913 Dayton Flood. The videos were made in the 1990s and the participants tell their stories of survival as children during the flood.

Subject Area(s): 1913 Flood History, Oral History Collections, Local History



Ina Bicknell Collection
1933-1947, .5 lin. ft.

The Ina Bicknell collection consists of photographs relating to aviation. The photographs in this collection relate to topics such as pilots, airplanes, naval ships, and military personnel around the time of World War II. The collection also contains aerial photographs of city landscapes and of the 1937 flood in southwest Ohio and Kentucky.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, Photographic Collections, 1913 Flood History, World War II, Local History



Mildred Baker Papers
1895-1931, .5 lin. ft.

The Mildred Baker Papers is a collection including photographs, registration cards, newspaper clippings, West Carrolton Reading Club records, postcards, and scrapbook. It was created by Mildred Baker who lived in the Dayton area in the late 19th and early 20th century.

Subject Area(s): Family and Personal Papers, 1913 Flood History, Local History



Congressman Edward G. Breen Collection
1908-2013 (Bulk 1940-1950), 7.75 lin. ft.

This collection contains the papers of Edward G. Breen, a Dayton, Ohio native and Democratic Congressman in the U.S. House of Representatives for the third district of Ohio from 1949-1951. Before being elected to Congress, Breen served in the Air Force during World War II, he then served as mayor for the city of Dayton upon his return home from war. After serving in the U.S. House of Representatives, Breen was elected to the Board of Commissioners for Montgomery County. Three scrapbooks of newspaper clippings from the 1940s document Breen's media coverage as hotel manager, Dayton mayor, and Montgomery County Commissioner. A fourth scrapbook contains materials relating to the family life of the Breen's, including wedding photos, newspaper clippings, and family photos. The collection also contains a variety of memorabilia including personal photographs, awards, certificates, posters and a Silent Butler.

Subject Area(s): Politics, 1913 Flood History, Local History



Wright Family to Petree Family Correspondence
1900-1939 (bulk 1900-1917), 0.5 lin. ft.

The Wright Family to Petree Family Correspondence primarily contains letters written by Milton Wright to his niece Estella Harris Petree. The letters describe Wright family news and activities, but more importantly include specific references to Wilbur and Orville Wright's bicycle business, flying experiments and success, Orville Wright's accident at Ft. Myer in September 1908, the 1913 Dayton flood, and Milton's flight with Orville in May 1910. There is also a very poignant letter written by Reuchlin Wright describing the death of his father, Milton, in 1917. Additional items include correspondence from Orville Wright and two photographs that appear to be clipped from publications.

Subject Area(s): Wright Brothers Related, Local History, 1913 Flood History, Aviation, Family and Personal Papers



1937 Flood Scrapbook
1937, 1 lin. ft.

The collection contains a scrapbook featuring newspaper clippings (articles, photographs, and advertisements) reporting the impact of the 1937 Ohio River flood on Cincinnati, Ohio, and surrounding areas in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. It also contains a special edition Cincinnati Times-Star newspaper about the flood.

Subject Area(s): Local History, 1913 Flood History



Riesinger Funeral Home Records
1902-1958 (bulk 1902-1947), 12 lin. ft.

Records of a prominent Dayton, Ohio funeral home which serviced many from the Hungarian and other ethnic groups of the early 20th century. Funeral record and ledger books give a daily account of funerals, and contain information and vital statistics about people buried by the Riesinger Funeral Home in Dayton, Ohio. Also included are financial record books for 1931-1956, and a few photographs.

Subject Area(s): Business and Industry, Family and Personal Papers, 1913 Flood History, Local History



Osborn Removal Company Records
1920-1942 (Bulk 1920-1928), 8 lin. ft.

The Osborn Removal Company was organized in 1920 to relocate the Greene County, Ohio, town of Osborn, which was situated on land marked by the Miami Conservancy District as part of its flood plain. The records contain papers retained after the company's dissolution in 1928, including the company's charter, minutes of all official meetings, maps, and papers concerning acquisition of lands, copies of purchase agreements, correspondence, tax information, copies of deeds and informational booklets. Please note restrictions prohibit publication for personal monetary gain.

Subject Area(s): Business and Industry, 1913 Flood History, Local History



Everett Neukom Papers
1900-1933 (bulk 1908-1915), 2 lin. ft.

Neukom worked as a photographer for both the DELCO Corporation in Dayton and the Miami Conservancy District during the early part of the 20th century. His papers include family correspondence, clippings, personal memorabilia, pamphlets, and photographs relating to the 1913 Dayton flood.

Subject Area(s): Family and Personal Papers, 1913 Flood History, Local History



Bennet Coy Miami Conservancy District Collection
1919-1970, 1 folder

Reports, pamphlets, and studies relating to the Miami Conservancy District.

Subject Area(s): Civic Organizations, 1913 Flood History, Local History



Dayton Flood Booklet
1915, 1 folder

Booklet recounting the Dayton 1913 Flood, with copies of hand-colored photographs of flood and resident memories of the event.

Subject Area(s): 1913 Flood History, Local History



1913 Flood Postcards
1913, 1 folder

Collection contains postcards depicting the 1913 Dayton flood and its aftermath.

Subject Area(s): 1913 Flood History, Photographic Collections, Local History



Utermoehlen Funeral Registry
1913, .5 lin. ft.

This collection consists of four items: one Funeral registry for Felix Carl Utermoehlen; two newspaper clippings, one titled "Watched Ghouls Work As Flood Victims Cried in Vain for Assistance" which details scenes viewed by Mrs. Felix Utermoehlen, and another clipping on Felix's father, Theodore Utermoehlen who served as a mechanic for the Wright Brothers; and also an envelope containing the funeral purchase agreement.

Subject Area(s): 1913 Flood History, Wright Brothers Related, Local History


Boyer Mortuary in the 1913 Dayton Flood
2002, 1 item

This collection consists of one booklet entitled Boyer Mortuary in the 1913 Dayton Flood. The booklet was written by Chip Boyer and is dated 2002. It consists of seven pages mostly of photos of the mortuary and writing on what the flood damage possibly may have been.

Subject Area(s): 1913 Flood History, Local History



Harrison Morton Bretz Photographs
1913-1920, .08 lin. ft. (38 photographs)

This collection consists of 38 photographs of the Great 1913 Flood of Dayton, et al. In addition, there are photocopies of each image with a caption including location and approximate date. This collection was donated by Herbert V. Markle who is the grandson of Harrison Bretz in September, 2012.

Subject Area(s): 1913 Flood History, Photographic Collections, Local History


Anna Hiles 1913 Flood Postcard Collection
1913 (36 items)

This collection contains 36 postcards, two of which are addressed and dated April and June, 1913. The two addressed cards are interesting in that the writer briefly discusses some routine events, e.g. a friend's visit, very soon after the flood. Anna Hiles was the flood survivor who collected these cards. The collection was donated by her grandson, Jeffrey.

Subject Area(s): 1913 Flood History, Family and Personal Papers, Local History



Dayton Stories by the Abel Family
1900-1975, 4 items

Four accounts written by four members of the Abel Family from Dayton, Ohio over three generations, and transcribed by Rita Mastbaum Hughes. Includes: Personal Recollections by Joseph F. Abel, circa 1900; Silver Anniversary Trip of Joseph J. Abel and M. Josephine Abel, June 19, 1925 to July 30, 1925; D. Herbert Abel, Ph.D. Autobiography, 1968; and Remembrances by Rosemarie Rita Abel Gabel, 1975. Collectively the collection documents social life and customs in Dayton, Ohio's history from the mid 1800s-mid 1900s. Among the topics discussed are presidential campaigns, Dayton during the Civil War including the burning of the Dayton Journal building, attending school in Dayton, the 1913 flood, celebrations at the end of World War I, and the influenza epidemic of 1917-1918.

Subject Area(s): Family and Personal Papers, 1913 Flood History, Local History



Margaret Smell Diary
1901-1915, 1 folder

Diary of Margaret Smell who was visiting Dayton from Michigan during the 1913 flood. Transcription of flood related sections available.

To view items from this collection online, please visit CORE Scholar.

Subject Area(s): Women, Family and Personal Papers, 1913 Flood History, Local History



Harrington 1913 Dayton Flood collection
1913, 1 folder

Two accounts of the Dayton Flood.

Subject Area(s): Family and Personal Papers, 1913 Flood History, Local History