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World War I


Dr. Albert F. Sarver Diary
1918-1919, 1 reel

Diary of Dr. Albert F. Sarver (1890-1978), a World War I Army medical doctor.

Subject Area(s): World War I, Medical History


322nd Field Artillery Scrapbooks
1917-1920, 2 reels

Scrapbooks contain newspaper clippings, photographs, the typescript of a diary, and postcards pertaining to the 322nd Field Artillery, a World War I regiment from Dayton. See also MS-100.

Subject Area(s): World War I


Roger Griswold Perkins Diary
1917-1918, 1 reel

Diary covers the period of Dr. Perkins' service in Romania while working with the American Red Cross. He writes about military and civilian conditions in Romania and Russia during the final years of World War I and the early days of the Russian Revolution. He also details the transportation conditions under the Kerensky government in Russia, and the difficulties of working in a country with the government in chaos.

Subject Area(s): World War I



322nd Field Artillery Reunion Association Records
1917-1981, 3 lin. ft.

The 322nd Field Artillery received basic training at Camp Sherman in Ohio, and saw service in Europe during World War I. The records in this collection are evenly divided between the active regiment and the reunion association. They consist of minutes, correspondence, reunion programs, bulletins, obituary notices, scrapbooks, maps, and photographs. Also included is a published history of the regiment.

Subject Area(s): Civic Organizations, World War I, Local History



Alice Griffith Carr Papers
1869-1968, 4 lin. ft.

Born and raised in Yellow Springs, Carr had a long, distinguished career working in Europe for the Red Cross and the Near East Foundation as a nurse and public health administrator. Her papers include extensive correspondence, journal articles, reports, working papers, clippings, genealogical materials, and photographs.

Subject Area(s): Family and Personal Papers, Women, World War I, Local History



Dayton-Wright Airplane Company Photographs
1918-1922, 9.35 lin. ft. (219 images : 156 large format glass plate negatives and 63 nitrate negatives)

The collection contains 156 large format glass plate negatives and 63 nitrate negatives depicting factory workers, interior and exterior plant views, airplane assembly, and completed airplanes from a Dayton manufacturer of World War I aircraft.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, Photographic Collections, World War I, Local History



William H. Chisam Photographs
1915-1918, 0.5 lin. ft. (75 photographs)

The collection consists of seventy-five photographs from William H. Chisam's time learning to fly at the Wright School of Aviation in Dayton, Ohio, and Augusta, Georgia, and his service during World War I as a member of the No. 3 Squadron of the Royal Naval Air Service. Chisam flew missions in France during World War I. These photographs are of Chisam and his friends in flying school, military aircraft in France, flying squadrons, and war damaged buildings.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, Photographic Collections, World War I



Coombs-Learned Family Papers
1819-1985, 6.5 lin. ft.

A collection of 19th and early 20th century family papers of the Coombs and Learned extended families who lived in Michigan, California, and Ohio. Papers include extensive family correspondence, diaries, business and financial records, and over 300 photographs. Noteworthy among the contents are several letters written by President James A. Garfield to a family member when he was a young man, as well as Palmer Coombs' World War I diaries and papers.

Subject Area(s): Family and Personal Papers, World War I, Local History



Clair Wilbur Welty Papers
1905-1922 (bulk 1917-1918), 0.25 lin. ft.

Clair Wilbur Welty (1890-1918) enlisted in the United States Army Signal Corps during World War I and served as a pilot-trainer. He died November 10, 1918, as a result of a mid-air collision at Issoudun, France. The collection includes academic records, military records and orders concerning Welty's brief service as an Army officer, letters of condolence addressed to his mother Mary Welty following his death, and a few photographs.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, Family and Personal Papers, World War I



William C. Lambert Papers
1917-1982 (bulk 1917-1922, 1969-1982), 2 lin. ft.

Papers include correspondence, photographs, drawings, and printed materials pertaining to Lambert's military service as a World War I flyer. Also included is a copy of Lambert's unpublished manuscript relating his combat experiences. Note: please note possible restrictions concerning publication of materials.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, World War I



91st Observation Squadron, American Expeditionary Force, Photographs
1918-1919, .25 lin. ft.

Contains photographs of the 91st Squadron, hangars and airfields, aerial views of German and French cities and fields, and the banner image of the 91st Squadron. This collection depicts the airmen and operations of the Squadron during the end of World War I and the months following.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, Photographic Collections, World War I



Curtiss Day Photo Collection
early 1900s, .25 lin. ft.

Curtiss La Q. Day, an early American aviator, obtained his pilot's license at the Wright Brothers School in 1914. He was a flight instructor at several flight schools, including the Wright Flying School at Hempstead Plains, New York. Day was also a member of the Early Birds and his name appears on the Wright Memorial Plaque in Dayton. The collection consists of 79 photographs, 2 letters and a postcard.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, Photographic Collections, World War I



Charles A. Kline Papers
1917-1922, .25 lin. ft.

Contains correspondence to and from Charles A. Kline during his time as a soldier in WWI. Also included is a CD which contains scans of the Charles A. Kline Papers.

Subject Area(s): Family and Personal Papers, World War II, World War I, Local History



Major General Henry Tureman Allen Collection
1891-1985, .2 lin. ft.

Major General Henry T. Allen was an officer in the U.S. Army from 1882 to 1923. He fought in the Spanish-American War and World War I. His daughter married Lieutenant General Frank Maxwell Andrews (See MS-440). General Allen was famous for his 1885 exploration of 15,000 miles of Alaskan wilderness in the Copper, Tanana, and Koyukuk River valleys. The collection is small, consisting of photographs of him and his children, along with a 1985 reprint of his 1885 Alaskan expedition report, and a book about his life.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, Family and Personal Papers, World War I



World War I Glass Plate Stereoview Collection
1914-1919, 0.62 lin. ft. (90 glass stereoview slides)

A set of 90 glass plate stereoview images depicting scenes from World War I. The images are accompanied by handwritten descriptions in French. The collection was owned by Hugh O. Merron, a World War I veteran. Also included is a stereoviewer made in Paris, France.

Subject Area(s): World War I



Harvey Dressler Collection
1896-1966, 1.5 lin. ft.

Harvey Dressler was a civil engineer in the Dayton area owning the firm of Cellarius and Dressler Engineering. The Harvey Dressler Collection consists of correspondence, photographs, maps, books, and other documents related to Harvey Dressler, his wife Florence Bremberger Dressler, and daughter Mary Dressler Stansell.

Subject Area(s): Family and Personal Papers, World War I, Local History



Raoul Lufbery Collection
1917-1985, 1 lin. ft.

This collection are documents from the World War I flying missions and the untimely death of Raoul Lufbery. The collection contains newspaper clippings, magazine articles, photographs and other prints.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, World War I



Fred F. Marshall Papers
1912-1976, 11.7 lin. ft.

The Fred F. Marshall Papers reflect Marshall's career as an engineer, aviation journalist, photographer, environmentalist, and local historian. Marshall was attached to the Signal Corps in World War I; he then returned to Dayton to work at McCook Field where he was editor of the aviation journal, Slipstream. Retiring in 1955 after working for several engineering and aircraft firms, Marshall devoted his time to writing articles dealing with the history of the Yellow Springs, Clifton, and Cedarville areas of Greene County. The collection includes drafts and finalized copies of original stories, newspaper clippings, correspondence, certificates, awards, scrapbooks, as well as a large number of photographs both personal and related to military life in World War I. Marshall authored a number of local histories including a chronology of the Wright Brothers. A few items in the collection relate to Fred Marshall's wife, Faith Marshall.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, Family and Personal Papers, World War I, Local History



John Houser Aviation Prints
1959-1969, 0.25 lin. ft.

The collection contains three different sets of aviation art prints collected by John Houser: 10 prints from the Phillips Petroleum Company Historical Aviation Reprints of WWI and WWII aircraft, circa 1960s; 4 prints from the Edo Floater Collector Series depicting floatplanes from 1929 and 1933; and 42 offset lithographs of WWI planes and pilots from the Leach Corporation Heritage of the Air Collection copyrighted from 1959-1969.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, World War I, World War II



Charles A. Hunn Collection
1917-1976, 1 folder

Collection consists of photos and paperwork relating to Charles Hunn's time in the Army guarding the Mexican border during World War I and his career as a commercial artist.

Subject Area(s): Arts, Photographic Collections, Aviation, World War I, Local History



MS-204 Digital Prints - Charles Lewis
ca. 1918, 1 folder

Digital prints of broken magic lantern slides that can be found in MS-204, depicting World War I aviation technology. Some items from the collection may be viewed online as part of our digital exhibits.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, Photographic Collections, World War I



Reinhold Koch's War Memories Scrapbook
1917, 1 folder

Scrapbook of photos from Abteilung (Detachment) 212 in the German Air Force during World War I, Most depict daily life on base, but also include some German and Allied aircraft and observation balloons.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, World War I, Photographic Collections



War Camp Community Service Song Sheet
ca. 1918, 1 folder

Song sheet published by the Dayton Evening Herald for use during community events, includes words for 34 songs.

Subject Area(s): Arts, World War I, Local History



Military Rosette
ca. 1930s, 1 folder

Contains a military rosette, marked "Made in France," believed to be a society medal for service in World War I

Subject Area(s): World War I



Sgt. Jay H. Crawford World War I Diary
1918, 1 folder

Diary kept by Sergeant H. Crawford, band member in the 362nd Infantry, begins in Houston in 1918 and follows his journey to New York and eventually France. Includes information on caring for the wounded and dead and the aftermath of the Battle of Verdun.

Subject Area(s): World War I, Family and Personal Papers



Unidentified World War I Soldier's Letter
1919, 1 folder

The collection contains a postcard of a transport ship and a letter from a World War I soldier to his brother while enroute home. The letter provides insight on race relations in a segregated army.

Subject Area(s): Family and Personal Papers, World War I, African-Americans



Battle of Cambrin Postcard Booklet
ca. 1914-1919, 1 folder

These postcards show different areas of the French city of Cambrin before and after a battle during World War I. In the back of the booklet are two postcard of military cemeteries.

Subject Area(s): World War I



Albatross D. Va No. 7161/17 Fabric
Undated, 0.2 lin. ft. (1 item)

This collection consists of a piece of the original fabric from the Albatross D. Va No 7161/17, a WWI German fighter aircraft restored and exhibited by the National Air and Space Museum. The fabric is mounted, along with an image of the airplane and a brief description.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, World War I



Leach "Heritage of the Air" Aviation Prints and Harold R. Harris Photograph
1959-1968, 1981, 0.5 lin. ft. (30 items)

The collection consists primarily of 28 aviation prints from Leach International's advertising art series "Heritage of the Air," commemorating WWI era planes, pilots, and events. The full series included 45 images, all painted by Merv Corning. One of the included prints, "The First Bail-Out," depicts the first use of a parachute to save the pilot's life, that of Harold R. Harris in 1922; the print is autographed by Harris. Also included is a 1981 snapshot of Harris standing near the Old North Dayton location of his famous parachute landing.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, World War I, Local History



Wilbur F. H. Bigelow, Sr., Dayton-Wright Company Collection
1909-1941 (bulk 1917-1919), 0.1 linear foot (33 items, including 28 photographs)

Wilbur F. H. Bigelow, Sr., was a foreman in the Mill department of Dayton-Wright Airplane Company factory at Moraine (Plant 1), during World War I. The collection consists primarily of 28 photographs, most of which relate to Bigelow's work at the factory, including DH-4 aircraft, employees and factory scenes, air demonstration shows, and aerial photographs captured during a test flight. Photos unrelated to Dayton-Wright Airplane include: one photo depicts the Wright Brothers' Homecoming in June 1909, one depicting a crash at McCook Field in 1917, one of Hills and Dales Country Club, and five at an unidentified outdoor location. Individuals in the photographs include Wilbur's wife, Helen; his daughter, Janice Pahnke; mechanic Charles Irwin, and pilot Bernard Whelan. Also included are three documents related to Bigelow's WWI draft status, a piece of wing fabric from an aircraft that crashed in Dayton in 1928, and a commemorative coin from the Dayton "Frontiers of Freedom" celebration in 1941.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, Local History, Wright Brothers Related, World War I



World War I Photos
ca. 1918, 1 folder

Contains photographs taken by an American soldier during World War I and a German album of photo postcards of battle conditions.

Subject Area(s): World War I, Photographic Collections



World War I Aviation Medicine Photographs
1916-1919, 1 folder

This small collection contains 36 photographs taken during and just after World War I. The photographs show military posts, testing equipment, planes, and various buildings.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, Medical History, Aerospace Medicine and Human Factors Engineering, World War I