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World War II



Theodore Benzinger Papers
1934-1984, .5 lin. ft.

Dr. Theodore Benzinger was in charge of a research laboratory in Rechlin, Germany. His high altitude research included decompression studies and work in an altitude chamber to stratosphere equivalent altitudes. In 1947, he began working at the U.S. Navy Medical Research Institute and at the National Bureau of Standards. The collection consists of copies of research papers, letters, and depositions.

Subject Area(s): Aerospace Medicine and Human Factors Engineering, World War II



Dr. Leonard J. Newell, M.D., Collection
1924-1976, 0.65 lin. ft. (1 oversize folder, 15 items)

Starting in 1934, Dr. Leonard J. Newell practiced general medicine in Dayton, Ohio, for more than 40 years. The collection mainly consists of photographs and documents pertaining to Dr. Newell's education at Otterbein College and Ohio State University Medical School.

Subject Area(s): Medical History, Local History, World War II



Night Fighters of World War II Historical Collection
1942-2007 (bulk 1942-1978), 3.00 lin. ft. & 12.3 GB

Consists of records from the Night Fighters Association, WWII Night Fighters organization, and personal papers from members of the organization, relating to Night Fighter Squadrons serving in World War II. Includes pilot tests, squadron reports, individual flight records, rosters, unpublished chronologies of the 6th and 417th Night Fight Squadrons, and photographs. The collection also includes an audio recording of the 1978 Night Fighter Reunion held in Dayton, Ohio, and photos and video from the 2007 Night Fighter Reunion held in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, World War II, Local History



Walter McCaslin Papers
1944-1984, .5 lin. ft.

McCaslin was a well-known Dayton journalist who was the art critic and book reviewer for both the Dayton Daily News and the Dayton Journal Herald. His papers consist primarily of letters written by McCaslin to an old friend in Zanesville where he grew up. Subjects covered include McCaslin's World War II experiences, his opinions about contemporary politics and political leaders, as well as his day to day activities. Also included in the collection is a selection of clippings of McCaslin's published writings.

Subject Area(s): Family and Personal Papers, World War II, Journalism, Local History



Harold R. Harris Papers
1886, 1908-1990, 8.75 lin. ft.

Harris was a World War I flyer and test pilot at McCook Field in Dayton during the early 1920s. He later became an executive with Pan American Airlines, American Overseas Airlines, and Northwest Airlines, as well as holding the rank of Colonel in the Army Air Transport Command during World War II. His papers consist of extensive correspondence, both personal and business, travel diaries, reports, newspaper clippings, personal logs detailing his activities and movements, speeches, photographs, and the manuscript of an unpublished book he authored about Pan American Airlines.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, World War II, Local History



Ringelblum Collection of Oral History Memoirs of the Holocaust Records
1977-1991, 6 lin. ft.

Collection consists of audio-taped interviews with accompanying typed transcripts of 34 Dayton-area individuals who were survivors of the Nazi Holocaust. Not all of the interviewees were incarcerated in concentration camps, but each had his or her life greatly altered by the Nazi regime. Also included in this collection are three video-taped programs produced from the original interviews which are for use in local classrooms to supplement Holocaust curriculum.

Subject Area(s): Civic Organizations, Oral History Collections, World War II, Local History



Josephine Schwarz Papers
1876-2004, 28 lin. ft.

The Josephine Schwarz Papers consist of a collection of the personal correspondence, photographs, writings, and memorabilia of Josephine and, to a lesser extent, the personal papers of her sister Hermene Schwarz. The collection encompasses a wide range of topics, including the Schwarz School of Dance, the Dayton Ballet, correspondence concerning dance and ballet-related issues, personal correspondence with family, friends, and students, her journals, diaries, and scrapbooks, ballet and family photographs, and memorabilia.

Subject Area(s): Arts, Family and Personal Papers, Women, World War II, Local History



Jack Savage Papers
1861-1993, 1.5 lin. ft.

Papers consist primarily of materials documenting Savage's military career in the Signal Corps during World War II and include his letters home, a scrapbook, photographs, a narrative of his experiences, and his basic training book. Also included are materials from his father who served in World War I, as well as a small collection of Civil War letters and papers from Savage's ancestors who fought in Ohio regiments.

Subject Area(s): Family and Personal Papers, World War II, Civil War, Local History



Survivors of the Holocaust Oral History Project Records (Dr. Charles Berry’s Papers)
1977-1985, 1.5 lin. ft.

The Survivors of the Holocaust Oral History Project was established in 1977 as a joint effort by Antioch College and Wright State University. Its purpose was to interview and preserve stories of survivors of the Nazi Holocaust who settled in the Dayton, Ohio, area. The records consist of meeting minutes, correspondence, lists of potential interviewees, clippings, and publicity. The Project produced the Emmanuel Ringelblum Collection of Oral History Memoirs of the Holocaust.

Subject Area(s): Civic Organizations, Oral History Collections, World War II, Local History



Ina Bicknell Collection
1933-1947, .5 lin. ft.

The Ina Bicknell collection consists of photographs relating to aviation. The photographs in this collection relate to topics such as pilots, airplanes, naval ships, and military personnel around the time of World War II. The collection also contains aerial photographs of city landscapes and of the 1937 flood in southwest Ohio and Kentucky.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, Photographic Collections, 1913 Flood History, World War II, Local History



Charles A. Kline Papers
1917-1922, .25 lin. ft.

Contains correspondence to and from Charles A. Kline during his time as a soldier in WWI. Also included is a CD which contains scans of the Charles A. Kline Papers.

Subject Area(s): Family and Personal Papers, World War II, World War I, Local History



Lieutenant General Frank Maxwell Andrews Collection
1874-2003 (bulk 1931-1947), 12 lin. ft.

Lieutenant General Frank Maxwell Andrews played a major role in building the U.S. Army Air Corps of the 1930s into the powerful U.S. Army Air Forces of World War II. At the time of his death in May 1943, he was the commander of all U.S. forces in the European Theater of Operations. The largest portion of the Andrews Collection consists of family correspondence sent between members of the Andrews family, including letters from General Andrews, his wife, Jeannette, and his parents, siblings, children, and relatives and friends. The collection also contains a variety of photographs of General Andrews and family members, along with newspaper clippings and memorabilia.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, Family and Personal Papers, World War II



Charles and Grace Bost Papers
1935-1943 (bulk 1942), .5 lin. ft

The Charles and Grace Bost Papers consist of World War II-era correspondence. There are 67 letters between Charles and Grace of Springfield, Ohio. Charles entered the service in July 1942 and was stationed in Tennessee while Grace remained in Springfield, Ohio.

Subject Area(s): World War II, Family and Personal Papers, Local History



World War II Aviation News Clippings Scrapbook
Circa 1939-1945, 1 lin. ft. (1 scrapbook)

This scrapbook contains news clippings of aircraft and aviation events around the Miami Valley and the nation in the World War II era. Many of the clippings come from Dayton's newspapers at the time, the Journal, the Herald, and the Daily News. Some clippings were taken from magazines. The creator of the scrapbook is unknown.

Subject Area(s): World War II, Local History, Aviation



John C. Beason Papers
1940-2016; bulk 1940-1945, 0.5 lin. ft.

The collection consists primarily of materials pertaining to Beason's service during World War II in the Western Pacific, including several photographs, a scrapbook of newspaper clippings, and rosters of personnel who also served in the 37th Division Artillery from the group's reunions. Copies of sketches by Edward J. Dollriehs of the Western Pacific are also included.

Subject Area(s): Family and Personal Papers, World War II, Local History



Harley R. Schneider Northwest Vandalia Modification Center Collection
1943-1944, 2000, 0.25 lin. ft.

Harley R. Schneider was an employee of Northwest Airlines Corp. Schneider was a civil engineer employed to modify World War II bombers at Northwest Airlines Corp. Modification Center in St. Paul, Minnesota. Northwest Airlines expanded their facilities in 1943 which included a new Modification Center in Vandalia, Ohio. Schneider was reassigned to the Vandalia location in 1943. This collection consists of various materials from his time working at the Vandalia Modification Center including a detailed listing of the plant's project activities, parts and projects lists, a photograph, housing information, telephone directories, and forms from 1943-1944, as well as correspondence from 2000 with some of Schneider's later recollections.

Subject Area(s): Local History, Aviation, World War II



James E. P. Sullivan Aviation Drawing Collection
1918-1951 (bulk 1940-1946), 0.42 lin. ft.

The collection pertains mainly to James E. P. Sullivan's work as a designer at United Aircraft Products in Dayton, Ohio, during World War II, including such materials as company history, product literature, newsletters, and many parts drawings and designs. The collection also includes some material on the development of the Douglas A-26 Invader aircraft, a project for which James Sullivan's father was chief engineer. A few photographs of people and aircraft are included also.

Subject Area(s): Local History, Aviation, World War II



Laurence P. Richmond Papers
1918-1974 (bulk 1930-1960), 0.84 lin. ft.

The collection consists primarily of information on the development of radio technologies at General Electric in the 1920s and of radio and radar technologies at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base from the 1930s through 1950s. Some information on the WPAFB Quarter Century Club is also included.

Subject Area(s): Local History, Aviation, World War II



John Houser Aviation Prints
1959-1969, 0.25 lin. ft.

The collection contains three different sets of aviation art prints collected by John Houser: 10 prints from the Phillips Petroleum Company Historical Aviation Reprints of WWI and WWII aircraft, circa 1960s; 4 prints from the Edo Floater Collector Series depicting floatplanes from 1929 and 1933; and 42 offset lithographs of WWI planes and pilots from the Leach Corporation Heritage of the Air Collection copyrighted from 1959-1969.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, World War I, World War II



Frederic Earl Ford Collection
1930-1945, 3 lin. ft.

Ford served with the 5th Bomb Wing in the Pacific Theater during World War II. He was the commander of the photography group. The papers in this collection consist primarily of photographs and negatives, most taken during the latter part of World War II, 1943-1945. The photographs show many aspects of camp and military life as well as the customs and traditions of the native peoples where Ford was stationed. All images are identified and dated on back. Also included is a small amount of printed material.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, Local History, World War II



Rudi Berndt Papers
1927-2003 (bulk 1937-1953), 2.5 lin. ft. and 135.5 megabytes

Berndt was a German scientist who came to the U.S.A. as part of Operation Paperclip at the close of WWII. His collection primarily documents his work in parachute development, in both Germany and the United States, from the WWII era through the Cold War. Materials include photographs, scientific test notes, educational records, security investigation reports, German identification papers, resumes, memoir, and other documents.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, Local History, World War II



Joseph Updyke Collection, World War II Correspondence
1942-1945, 1995 (bulk 1943-1944); 0.84 lin. ft. (about 480 items)

The collection consists primarily of correspondence written and received by Joseph F. "Bud" Updyke, a lifelong resident of Oakwood, during his World War II service in the U.S. Army at Fort Knox (Armored Force Replacement Training Center), England, and France. Subjects included military life and clerical work, interpersonal relationships, train travel, rationing and food shortages, base and barracks conditions, entertainment, weather, historic sites and scenery, holidays, and mail service. The collection also includes a few mementoes, such as newsletters and photographs.

Subject Area(s): World War II, Local History



Bill's World War II Aviation Scrapbook
1939-1941, 0.5 lin. ft. (1 scrapbook)

The scrapbook contains approximately 62 original photographs depicting the Lincoln Airplane and Flying School in Lincoln, Nebraska; the Fairchild factory at Hagerstown, Maryland; as well as scenes at Niagara Falls and Dayton, Ohio. Also included are several clippings from The Philadelphia Inquirer's U.S. Warplane Series (Nos. 7-24).

Subject Area(s): Aviation, World War II, Local History



George Higginbotham World War II Letter
1943, 1 folder

Copy of letter written by Higginbotham to his father while he was stationed in Italy during World War II.

Subject Area(s): World War II, Family and Personal Papers



Edward Lang Papers
1942-1945, 1 folder

Letters from Lang written while in US Navy during World War II, describing family issues and his role as an investigator of persons of interest in Germany following the war.

Subject Area(s): World War II, Family and Personal Papers



Lloyd Kress Papers
1945-1995, 1 folder

V-mail written by Kress home and photocopies of newspaper clippings, both from 1945 and from 1995, as part of a retrospective series. Kress witnessed the Japanese surrender aboard the USS Missouri.

Subject Area(s): World War II, Family and Personal Papers



Seth Furnas World War II Papers
1945-1946, 1 folder

Photographs, V-mail and letters from Furnas, who was stationed in Europe during World War II. He saw action at Remagen and witnessed Holocaust atrocities.

Subject Area(s): World War II, Family and Personal Papers, Photographic Collections



World War II Ration Book
1943, 1 folder

Ration book one, including certificate of registrar to Virgil J. Roush of Columbus, Ohio, issued March 1943.

Subject Area(s): World War II, Politics



Stanley Bagnall Oral History Interview
2007, 1 folder

This collection contains a DVD of an oral history interview of Stanley Bagnall concerning his experience as a pilot in the Pacific Theater of World War II. The interview was conducted by Professor Sam Wilson on November 15, 2007.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, World War II, Oral History Collections



Pearl Harbor Collection
circa 1934-1941, 1986, 0.1 lin. ft.

The collection contains twelve 5" x 7" letterpress halftone photographs taken by Navy photographers on December 7, 1941 during and immediately following the attack on Pearl Harbor. Included are photographs of the USS Arizona, USS Maryland, USS Oklahoma, USS West Virginia, USS Tennessee, USS Shaw, USS Downes, USS Cassin, USS Pennsylvania, USS Helena, USS Nevada, and USS Oglala. Two photographs pre-date the attack: Amelia Earhart in Honolulu, Hawaii, and of Franklin D. Roosevelt with his son in Honolulu. Also included are: a pictorial history; a (reproduction) Dec. 7, 1941 issue of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin newspaper; and a transcript of an interview by Major Frank H. Lane, the Commander of the Hickam Hospital on Hickam AFB, Hawaii, on December 7, 1941.

Subject Area(s): World War II


Martin "Ray" Hertz, War & Work Memoirs
1940-1957, 38 items

This collection consists of one binder of writings by Mr. Hertz on his career in the US Army Air Corps through the United States Air Force, and later the Ohio Air National Guard. The writings chronicle the time period between 1940 and 1957.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, World War II, Local History


U.S. Army WWII Correspondence Course Kit
1943-1944 (36 items)

The collection consists of several correspondence courses which were to be taken by Army medics preparing for deployment to the Pacific Theatre. There are ten booklets on various diseases and treatments, two exams, and instructions.

Subject Area(s): World War II



"...the job ahead" Summary of the Report on the State of World War II, 1943
1943, 1 item

Collection consists of a two-page newspaper format publication in color printed by the Dayton Emergency Committee summarizing a report from "General Marshall, Chief of Staff and other high-ranking Army officers on the state of the war and the job that must be done to insure victory over the Axis." The publication includes the article "War Department Shows What it Will Take to Win" by Under Secretary of War Robert P. Patterson, as well as summaries of reports by high ranking Army officials on "The Strength of the Axis", "Strategic Bombing of Germany", "The Military Task", "Air Strategy Against Japan", "Air Bases", "Supply by Air", "Air Force Production", "Logistics", "Requirements", "The Will to Fight", "The Job on the Home Front", "The Pacific Area", and "Manpower".

Subject Area(s): Aviation, World War II



Robert Countryman World War II Collection
ca. 1944-1945, 1991, 1997, 5 items

The following items were the property of Robert Countryman, who served as an Army Ranger in WWII. Mr. Countryman was taken as a prisoner of war while fighting in Italy. The materials all stem from the post-war period.

Subject Area(s): World War II, Local History



Bruno Porta World War II Photographs
1942-1943, 0.1 linear foot (13 photographs)

The collection consists of 13 photographs depicting Benito Mussolini, Erwin Rommel, and other Italian and German military officers in North Africa in 1942-1943. Lieutenant Bruno Porta was an Italian Army officer in WWII. Porta later gave the photographs to his friend Richard Dawson, who served in the 415th Night Fighter Squadron.

Subject Area(s): World War II, Photographic Collections



Lt. Bennett C. Simmons Drawing
1944, 0.1 lin. ft. (1 oversized drawing)

Collection consists of one oversize pencil portrait drawing of Lt. Bennett C. Simmons, a B-17 Bombardier-Navigator, Army Air Corps, WWII. The drawing was created by renowned portrait artist William Van Dresser at Boca Raton Field (Florida) in 1944.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, World War II



Eleanor Must Oral History
2015, 14.7 GB

The collection consists of a single oral history with Eleanor (Hambury) Must, primarily about growing up a German Jew, in Nazi Germany, prior to World War II, and the trials and tribulations she and her family faced not only in getting out of Germany, but also Europe; and also her immigration to the United States and how her early life took shape here. The oral history was conducted on May 15, 2015, by archivist Gino Pasi.

Subject Area(s): Local History, Oral History Collections, World War II



Arlene Galloway Dayton Newspaper Headlines Collection
1941-1969 (bulk 1945), 0.65 linear feet (1 oversize folder)

The collection consists of Dayton newspaper front pages with headlines concerning events such as World War II, President Dwight Eisenhower, and the 1969 moon landing.

Subject Area(s): Local History, World War II, Aviation, Journalism



Arlene Galloway World War II Political Cartoons Collection
1942-1945, 0.1 lin. ft.

The collection consists of newspaper clippings of political cartoons concerning World War II.

Subject Area(s): World War II, Local History, Journalism



Edward Hauck World War II Collection
1944-1945, 1951, 0.1 lin. ft. (1 folder)

Edward Hauck was a life-long Dayton resident and World War II veteran. The collection consists of original drawings by a soldier known as "Poncho" (a member of Hauck's Roger Squad) during the Battle of the Bulge in World War II. The drawings depict fellow Roger Squad members (including Hauck) and combat scenes. The collection also includes letters (written on the backs of the drawings) from Hauck to his wife back home in Dayton and one photograph of Hauck and his brothers in their military uniforms.

Subject Area(s): Local History, World War II



Frederick L. Haines Pilot Logs
1932-1945, 0.1 lin. ft.

This collection consists of three pilot's flight logs containing the flight information of Frederick L. Haines, a lifelong resident of Miamisburg. Haines started flying in a WACO in 1932 and served in the U.S. Army Air Corps during World War II. Haines logged most of his hours from airports around the Miami Valley, including East Dayton Airport, Vandalia, and Springfield.

Subject Area(s): Local History, Aviation, World War II



Jean Moreo Papers
1977, 1 folder

Collection contains copies of photographs and a newspaper article concerning Moreo, a WASP and a member of the Civil Air Patrol during World War II.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, Women, World War II