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Nature and Parks



Miami Conservancy District Records
1897-2018, 70.5 lin. ft.

Records include the founding documents, minutes, financial records, and reports of the Dayton Citizen's Relief Commission and the Dayton Flood Prevention Committee, two early organizations formed to deal with the aftermath of the 1913 Dayton Flood. The remainder of the Conservancy records consist of administrative and financial reports, publications, files from the (Arthur) Morgan Engineering Company, legal materials, diaries, correspondence, files pertaining to the labor camps organized to construct the flood prevention works, and files pertaining to the relocation of the railroad lines. In addition, there are extensive subject files and technical reports. The scrapbooks cover the years 1913-1927 and consist of newspaper clippings from local and national papers covering such subjects as the 1913 Flood and its aftermath, the early movement for flood prevention, the formation of the Miami Conservancy District, opposition to its formation, and the construction of the Conservancy's flood prevention works. The 3500 photographs in this collection include many formats, including glass plates, negatives, prints, and lantern slides, and cover such subjects as flood damage, construction, labor camps, railroad relocation, aerial views, Conservancy personnel, and various street scenes and images of early 20th-century Dayton and the surrounding area. Note: restrictions may apply.

Subject Area(s): Civic Organizations, 1913 Flood History, Local History, Nature and Parks



Four Seasons Garden Club Records
1928-2006, 7 lin. ft.

The Four Seasons Garden Club is a women's organization founded in 1928 to raise money for beautification projects around the Dayton area. The records contain meeting minutes, membership records, president's papers, annual reports, financial records, correspondence, program files, yearbooks, and photographs.

Subject Area(s): Civic Organizations, Women, Local History, Nature and Parks



Dayton City Beautiful Council Records
1965-1987, 1.5 lin. ft.

The Dayton City Beautiful Council was organized in the mid-1960s as a volunteer adjunct to city government to help make Dayton a more livable, attractive community. Records consist of Executive Board, staff, and membership meeting minutes, and correspondence. Topics covered include recycling, urban beautification, and community planning.

Subject Area(s): Civic Organizations, Local History, Nature and Parks



Garden Club of Dayton Records
1903-2011, 15.25 lin. ft. and 335 MB

Katherine Talbot founded the Garden Club of Dayton in 1922. The Club's goal is to promote and encourage the beautification of not only their privately owned gardens, but also the gardens and environment of Oakwood and the surrounding Dayton area. This collection contains scrapbooks, photographs, publications, as well as information on community projects, and an administrative/organizational series. Note: must obtain permission to publish materials from this collection.

Subject Area(s): Women, Civic Organizations, Local History, Nature and Parks



BW Greenway Records
1998-2007, 5 lin. ft.

The organization works to connect Greene County's Beaver Creek Wetlands with Clark County's Wenrick Wetlands to create a strategic link in the Greater Dayton Greenbelt. They work to foster a spirit of cooperation and partnership between citizens, landowners, and local governments to build a sense of place based on concern for the improvement of natural and cultural environments. The B-WGC lies in the towns of Beavercreek and Fairborn, the townships of Bath, Beavercreek and Mad River, and the counties of Clark and Greene. The records contain the organization's newsletter "The Great Heart", Board of Trustee's minutes, and original artwork done by a member.

Subject Area(s): Civic Organizations, Local History, Nature and Parks



Beaver Creek Wetlands Association Records
1987-2007 (bulk 1987-1999), 6 lin. ft.

The Beaver Creek Wetlands Association (BCWA) Collection documents the incorporation and first ten years of an organization committed to protecting the environment. The collection includes business materials, meeting minutes, agendas, reports from the various committees that ran the organization, as well as some news clippings, brochures, maps, and newsletters created by and about the Beaver Creek Wetlands Association.

Subject Area(s): Civic Organizations, Local History, Nature and Parks



Woodland Cemetery Collection
1841-2010, 114 lin. ft.

The Woodland Cemetery Collection contains materials relating to the organization and business ventures of the Woodland Cemetery Association. Materials such as organization histories, rules and regulations, meeting minutes, financial records, and correspondence provide a history of the organization while documents such as interment and cremation records provide insight into the function that the cemetery plays in Dayton, Ohio. In addition to these written documents, there are numerous visual documents such as photographs, negatives, and slides that illustrate Woodland Cemetery.

Subject Area(s): Cemeteries, Family and Personal Papers, Civic Organizations, Local History, Nature and Parks



Siebenthaler Nursery Company Records
1877-1944, 3.5 lin. ft.

The Siebenthaler Nursery played an important part in the development of the nursery business in the United States. As such, it would prove valuable to any student of the nursery and landscape business, students interested in business history, or many aspects of local history. The business, founded in 1870, is still in operation today under the same family. The major strengths of the collection are its financial, employment, and operating records.

Subject Area(s): Business and Industry, Family and Personal Papers, Local History, Nature and Parks



Five Rivers MetroParks Records (formerly Dayton-Montgomery County Park District Records)
1930-2015, 40 lin. ft.

Formed in 1963 under the name Montgomery County Park District, Five Rivers MetroParks is a conservation organization dedicated to protecting the natural heritage of the Miami Valley, and promoting the use of these lands and waterways by the community. In addition to its core mission, Fiver Rivers MetroParks provides educational opportunities, and encourages healthy living and an environmentally conscious lifestyle. Five Rivers MetroParks preserves open space and natural areas, along with urban parks for events and leisure in downtown Dayton.

Subject Area(s): Civic Organizations, Local History, Nature and Parks



Delphinium Garden Club of Dayton Records
1931-2012, 2.5 lin. ft.

The collection includes minutes, reports, notes, program information, newspaper clippings, and photographs from the Delphinium Garden Club of Dayton, Ohio. These items were collected by members of the Delphinium Garden Club of Dayton and document the organizations history, activity, and community involvement from its creation in 1931 until 2012. The club is still active in the community today.

Subject Area(s): Civic Organizations, Women, Local History, Nature and Parks



Marie Aull Papers
1817-2010 (bulk 1920-2002), 22 lin. ft.

Marie Sturwold was born on January 8, 1897 in Cincinnati, OH. She started gardening as a child, but her passion for gardening fully took form when she married John Aull in 1922. They lived in a property north of Dayton that would one day become Aullwood Garden MetroPark and Aullwood Audubon Center. Marie is known for her work in gardening, education, and conservation, but this collection also contains her extensive travel record and personal hobbies. Material in this collection includes travel brochures, travel itineraries, travel journals, plant lists, garden analyses, historical documents, newspaper clippings, magazine articles, correspondence, photos, calendars, club material, and awards.

Subject Area(s): Business and Industry, Civic Organizations, Arts, Family and Personal Papers, Local History, Nature and Parks



Centerville Garden Club Records
1930-2006 (bulk 1980-2006), 5.84 lin. ft.

The Centerville Garden Club, located near Dayton, Ohio, was established in 1930. The records consist almost entirely of scrapbooks with both internal and external material on the club. The materials are photographs, newspaper clippings, booklets containing a list of events, members and officers, certificates, awards and thank you notes.

Subject Area(s): Civic Organizations, Women, Local History, Nature and Parks



Greenview Garden Club History Records
1957-2014, 4 lin. ft.

The Greenview Garden Club, established 1957, is located in Englewood, Ohio. This collection is comprised of meeting minutes, agendas, letters, photographs, awards and scrapbooks created by the Greenview Garden Club. These materials date from 1957-2014. Also included in this collection are records of the work of Greenview Garden Club Members volunteering for the Stillwater Sanitarium and the creation and maintaining of the Herb Garden at Aullwood Farms.

Subject Area(s): Civic Organizations, Women, Local History, Nature and Parks



Aviation Trail, Inc., Records
1924-2014 (bulk 1980-2014), 12.9 lin. ft.

Aviation Trail, Inc., began in 1981 as an aviation-themed marketing effort in Dayton, Ohio. Initially including over 30 historical sites in the Miami Valley area relating to aviation history, a small self-guided tour brochure highlighting 16 sites was published. As of 2019, the Trail includes 18 sites.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, Local History, Business and Industry, Nature and Parks



Native Plant Society of the Miami Valley Records
1986-2007, 2.33 lin. ft. and 18.5 MB

In June 1986, the Native Plant Society of the Miami Valley (NPSMV) was created for the purpose of promoting and preserving native plants and their habitats through education, sponsorship, and cooperation. The not-for-profit society was organized exclusively for scientific purposes. NPSMV was a local chapter of the Native Plant Society of Ohio, and membership was open to all those interested in the purpose and goals of the organization. The NPSMV Records wincludes administrative and communications documents as well as those pertaining to the organization's efforts toward the establishment and preservation of the Little Beaver Creek Prairie in Greene County. NPSMV ceased operations in 2007.

Subject Area(s): Civic Organizations, Local History, Nature and Parks



A Photographic Portfolio of Huffman Flying Field
2007, 2014-2017, 1.0 lin. ft.

The collection consists of 11 platinum palladium prints of photographs created at Huffman Prairie, featuring flight and architecture. This portfolio is limited edition set #1 out of 16 sets created.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, Local History, Wright Brothers Related, Nature and Parks



Grand Lake Restoration Commission Records
1960-2017 (Bulk 2010-2015), 3.71 lin. ft. and 1.3 MB

The Grand Lake Restoration Commission Records document the efforts of a collaborative, non-profit organization to find economically and environmentally sustainable ways to restore the health of Grand Lake Saint Marys in Mercer County and Auglaize County, near Celina, Ohio. Materials include meeting minutes, reports, project files, news clippings, and photographs.

Subject Area(s): Local History, Nature and Parks, Civic Organizations



Explorer Post 72 Records
1958-2002, 39.75 lin. ft.

Explorer Post 72 was chartered in November 1958 by the First Presbyterian Church in Fairborn, Ohio, and was active until 2002. From 1971 onward, the group was coed, and members engaged in a variety of camping trips, outdoor activities, sports, and social gatherings. Records include administrative and financial records, files on trips and other activities, newspaper clippings, photographs and slides, and audiovisual materials.

Subject Area(s): Local History, Local Sports, Education and Local Schools, Nature and Parks



Archives of Upper River Fund
1975-2019, 1.91 lin. ft.

The Upper River Fund was an endowment fund established in 1992 by Glenn Thompson and his wife Margaret, to preserve the upper Little Miami and the Mad Rivers. The collection contains meeting minutes and correspondence; financial records and reports, records from easement agreements to buy/sell agreements; and some photographs of prospective areas of land and topographical maps that outline easements along the upper Little Miami and Mad Rivers.

Subject Area(s): Local History, Nature and Parks



Dr. Robert Riordan Collection of Miami Valley Archaeological Surveys
1975-2014 (Bulk 1975-1998), 2.31 lin. ft.

This collection consists of approximately 70 archaeological surveys undertaken by Dr. Robert V. Riordan Professor Emeritus in the Wright State University Anthropology Department. A portion of the archaeological surveys were completed by Wright State University students through the Anthropology Department's Archaeological Field School. Dr. Riordan completed the remaining surveys as a private contractor.

Subject Area(s): Local History, Wright State University, Nature and Parks



David Nolin Huffman Prairie Research Collection
1981-2018, 2.03 lin. ft.

David Nolin was the director of conservation for Five Rivers MetroParks in the Dayton region. In this position he led land acquisition and habitat management programs. After actively working on the restoration of Huffman Prairie State Natural Landmark, he decided to write a book about the history and importance of Huffman Prairie. This collection contains the materials and documents used by Nolin in his job and research of Huffman Prairie. Materials primarily include photographs, maps, correspondence, and news clippings.

Subject Area(s): Local History, Nature and Parks



Zoology Lecture Notes, Irene Hardy, Antioch College
1876, 1 folder

Notebook from Irene Hardy containing her Zoology lecture notes from Antioch College, dated 1876

Subject Area(s): Education and Local Schools, Women, Local History, Nature and Parks



"High Acres" Landscape Plan
ca. 1929, 1 item

High Acres was the Dayton home built for the President of the Rike-Kumler Department Store, Frederick Rike, and his wife Ethel in 1929. It was designed by Cleveland architects Meade and Hamilton and the grounds were designed by Dayton landscape architect Samuel D. Zehrung. This collection consists of one oversize plan of the grounds. The plan is signed by Zehrung. It is located in oversize storage.

Subject Area(s): Family and Personal Papers, Business and Industry, Arts, Local History, Nature and Parks