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Joggin' Erlong (1906 )

Joggin' Erlong

First published by

Copyright 1906


Lucy done gone back on me,
Dat's de way wif life.
Evaht'ing was movin' free,
T'ought I had my wife.
Den some dahky comes along,
Sings my gal a little song,
Since den, evaht'ing's gone wrong,
Evah day dey's strife.

Did n't answeh me to-day,
W'en I called huh name,
Would you t'ink she'd ac' dat way
W'en I ain't to blame?
Dat's de way dese women do,
W'en dey fin's a fellow true,
Den dey 'buse him thoo an' thoo;
Well, hit's all de same.

Somep'n 's wrong erbout my lung,
An' I's glad hit's so.
Doctah says 'at I'll die young,
Well, I wants to go!
Whut's de use o' livin' hyeah,
W'en de gal you loves so deah,
Goes back on you clean an' cleah-
I sh'd like to know?

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