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Li'L' Gal (1904)

Li'L' Gal

Illustrated with photographs by
Leigh Richmond Miner
of the Hampton Institute Camera Club
Decorations by Margaret Armstrong

First published by Dodd, Mead and Company

Copyright 1896, 1899, 1903, and 1904


Seen you down at chu'ch las' night,
Nevah min', Miss Lucy.
What I mean? oh, dat's all right,
Nevah min', Miss Lucy.
You was sma't ez sma't could be,
But you couldn't hide f'om me.
Ain't I got two eyes to see!
Nevah min', Miss Lucy.

Guess you thought you's awful keen;
Nevah min', Miss Lucy.
Evahthing you done, I seen;
Nevah min', Miss Lucy.
Seen him tek yo' ahm jes' so,
When he got outside de do' --
Oh, I know dat man's yo' beau!
Nevah min', Miss Lucy.

Say now, honey, wha'd he say? --
Nevah min', Miss Lucy!
Keep yo' secrets -- dat's yo' way --
Nevah min', Miss Lucy.
Won't tell me an' I'm yo' pal --
I'm gwine tell his othah gal, --
Know huh, too, huh name is Sal;
Nevah min', Miss Lucy!

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