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Lyrics of the Hearthside (1899)

Lyrics of the Hearthside

First published by Dodd, Mead and Company

Copyright 1899


Lucy done gone back on me,
Dat's de way wif life.
Evaht'ing was movin' free,
T'ought I had my wife.
Den some dahky comes along,
Sings my gal a little song,
Since den, evaht'ing's gone wrong,
Evah day dey's strife.

Did n't answeh me to-day,
W'en I called huh name,
Would you t'ink she'd ac' dat way
W'en I ain't to blame?
Dat's de way dese women do,
W'en dey fin's a fellow true,
Den dey 'buse him thoo an' thoo;
Well, hit's all de same.

Somep'n 's wrong erbout my lung,
An' I's glad hit's so.
Doctah says 'at I'll die young,
Well, I wants to go!
Whut's de use o' livin' hyeah,
W'en de gal you loves so deah,
Goes back on you clean an' cleah-
I sh'd like to know?

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