A Grievance

Lyrics of Love and Laughter (1903)

Lyrics of Love and Laughter

First published by Dodd, Mead and Company

Copyright 1903

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A Grievance

W'en de snow's a-fallin'
An' de win' is col'.
Manny 'mence a-callin',
Den she 'mence to scol',
"Lucius Lishy Brackett,
Don't you go out do's,
Button up yo' jacket,
Les'n you'll git froze."

I sit at de windah
Lookin' at de groun',
Nuffin nigh to hindah,
Manny ain' erroun';
Wish 't she would n' mek me
Set down in dis chaih;
Pshaw, it would n't tek me
Long to git some aih.

So I jump down nimble
Ez a boy kin be,
Dough I's all a-trimble
Feahed some one'll see;
Bet in a helf a minute
I fly out de do'
An' I's knee-deep in it,
Dat dah blessed snow.

Den I hyeah a pattah
Come acrost de flo'.
Den dey comes a clattah
At de cabin do';
An' my mammy holler
Spoilin' all my joy,
"Come in f'om dat waller,
Don't I see you, boy?"

W'en de snow's a-sievin'
Down ez sof' ez meal,
Whut's de use o' livin'
'Cept you got de feel
Of de stuff dat's fallin'
'Roun' an' white an' damp,
'Dout some one a-callin',
"Come in hyeah, you scamp!"

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