Lyrics Of Sunshine and Shadow (1905)

Lyrics Of Sunshine and Shadow

First published by Dodd, Mead and Company

Copyright 1905

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Stannin' at de winder,
Feelin' kind o' glum,
Listened to de raindrops
Play de kettledrum.
Lookin' crost de medders,
Swimmin' lak a sea;
Lawd 'a' mussy on us
What's de good o' me?

Cain't go out a-hoein',
Wouldn't ef I could;
Groun' too wet fu' huntin',
Fishin' ain' no good.
Too much noise fu' sleepin',
No one hyeah to chat;
Des mus' stan an' listen
To dat pit-a-pat.

Hills is gittin' misty,
Valley's gittin' dahk;
Watch-dog's 'mence a-howlin',
Rathah have 'em ba'k,
Dan a-moanin' solemn,
Somewhaih out o' sight;
Rain-crow des a-chucklin',
Dis is his delight.

Mandy, bring my banjo,
Bring de chillen in,
Come in f'om de kitchen,
I feel sick ez sin,
Call in Uncle Isaac,
Call Aunt Hannah, too,
Tain't no use in talkin',
Chile, I's sholy blue!

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