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My Little Lamb

My Little Black Lamb (1922)

My Little Black Lamb

The Great Success of "Clorindy" or The Origin of the Cake-Walk"

R.M. Harvey
The only show of its kind in the world.

Words by Paul Laurence Dunbar
Music by Whitney Viney.

Sold Exclusively by Harvey's Greater Mintrels General Office, 1512 Tribune Bldg., Chicago. Ill.

My Little Lamb

A little pickaniny saw while romping round one day
Some happy white folks children joined them in their play
Said one of them in anger you’re unwelcome can’t you see
So run away you black boy for you cannot play with me
So tearfully he pleaded chill’n wont you let me stay
They called him little kinkey head and ordered him away
So then the youngster toddled home his little eyes grew dim
His mammy took him on her knee these words she said to him.

Little black lamb they grieve you so je’s cause yo’ face aint white I know
But nevah’mind if dey don play
Down in yo heart you’se as white as dey
Smile once again ma baby do cause mammys gwin to play all day with you
And when the night grows cool and ca’am de angels will watch o’er you little black lamb.

An aged grey haired mother sat her head bow’d on her breast
She was lingring by the fireside where her babes had gone to rest
Said one of them dear mother why does brother lay so still
She bowed her head in silence pointed o’er the distant hill
He’s gone to yonders land and he’s never coming back
Cause they called him kinkey head and taunt him cause he’s black
And as her aged arm closed round her dying baby there
She placed her head within her hands and crooned a mothers prayer