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Who Knows?

Who Knows? (1909)

Who Knows?

Duet - Two keys

Poem by Paul Laurence Dunbar
author of "A little dreaming by the way " etc...

Music by Ernest R. Ball
Composer of "In the garded of my heart"
"Where is the love of yesterday" etc...

Published by M. Witmark & Sons.

Who Knows?

Thou art the soul of a summer's day,
Thou are the breath of the rose;
But the summer is fled and the rose is dead;
Where are they gone, who knows, who knows?

Thou art the blood fo my heart of hearts,
Thour are my soul's repose;
But my heart's grown numb, and my sould is dumb,
Where are thou love, who knows, who knows?

Thou art the hope of my after years,
Sun of my winter snows;
But the years go by 'neath a clouded sky,
When shall we meet, who knows, who knows?