Presidential Profiles

"The nation today is at a crossroads. Global competitiveness, environmental stability, geopolitical instability, these issues weigh heavily on our minds. I believe institutions like Wright State must take a leadership role in addressing these challenges. We must provide an opportunity for young people to excel in fields that improve the human condition." - President Cheryl B. Schrader

Strong leadership forges strong communities. Since its founding, Wright State University has been fortunate to have leaders dedicated to the central themes of its mission: learning, giving, cooperation, community, creativity, and research. The individuals selected to guide the university have continued to grow the university into a culture of innovation.

Explore the leadership of Wright State University by learning more about the individuals who have served as President.

President Cheryl B. Schrader

Cheryl B. Schrader,

WSU's seventh and current president, Cheryl B. Schrader, assumed the office on July 1, 2017.

President David R. Hopkins

David R. Hopkins,

David R. Hopkins was WSU's sixth president and assumed the office on February 1, 2007.

President Kim Goldenberg

Kim Goldenberg, M.D.,

Dr. Goldenberg became president following the death of President Harley E. Flack in 1998.

President Harley E. Flack

Harley E. Flack,

The inauguration of Harley E. Flack as WSU's fourth president took place on October 7, 1994.

President Paige E. Mulhollan

Paige E. Mulhollan,

Paige E. Mulhollan was named WSU's third president in 1985.

President Robert J. Kegerreis

Robert J. Kegerreis,

Robert Kegerreis became WSU's second president in 1973.

Interim President Frederick White

Frederick White,
1972-1973 (Interim)

Frederick White, the university's first employee and long-time business manager, served as Interim President of WSU between 1972 and 1973.

President Brage Golding

Brage Golding,

Brage Golding, known as an innovator with an entrepreneruial spirit, was named WSU's first president in 1966.