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Special Collections & Archives

Classroom Visits

Special Collections and Archives encourages the use of primary source materials in education and research. As part of our outreach programs, the staff of the Archives works with teachers of all levels, elementary through university, to help incorporate primary sources into classroom learning, based on the areas and topics in our collections.

We work with faculty and teachers to customize presentations and develop assignments and exercises that encourage the research use of primary materials by students of all ages. Primary source documents can inspire as well as teach students to identify, define, and solve problems by locating and critically evaluating information. Students learn to verify sources, track down connections, and find evidence from content and physical clues, as well as understand the role of creativity, innovation, and discovery across disciplines.

If you are interested in scheduling an archivist to work with students on how to identify, use, and learn from primary source materials or to visit your classroom, please contact Special Collections & Archives.