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Records Management


WSU's records management program provides assistance and guidance for university offices in the proper management of their paper and electronic files. Records Management staff develops records retention schedules for each campus office that identify the different types of records created by the office and how long each type of record needs to be kept. The program also provides information on state and federal record keeping requirements, and what offices need to do to ensure they are in compliance with applicable laws. We provide training workshops and a variety of services to help reduce the amount of time, space and dollars spent by campus offices to manage university records.

What are University Records?

University records include all information, regardless of format, created or received by a university office that documents the functions, policies, procedures, decisions, operations or other activities of the office. Examples of university records are meeting minutes, reports, policy statements, procedures manuals, publications, financial records and correspondence. University records do not include duplicate records and/or records that relate to other university offices. University records are public records and may not be disposed of or transferred to the University Archives without a Certificate of Disposal approved by the Records Management Office.

What Services Does the Records Management Program Provide?

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