Special Collections and Archives depends on your support to acquire, preserve, and make available historical materials on the history of aviation and the local and regional history of the Miami Valley and Dayton, Ohio. Collection donations as well as monetary gifts and endowments are always welcome. These contributions add to our rich historical materials and help support our work to care for the collections, provide access to the materials, and promote their use in educational research.


Special Collections and Archives, in support of Wright State University's mission of educational excellence, collects, preserves, and provides access to primary sources that document the history of aviation, aviation technology, and the legacy of the Wright Brothers for which the University is named, the local and regional history of the Miami Valley, and the history of Wright State University. Also documented are the history of medicine, local medical history and aerospace medicine. Special Collections and Archives encourages and promotes the use of those materials for teaching, learning, research, and public service.

What to Donate

We work closely with donors to identify those materials of research interest that should be preserved. Although not all papers, photographs, and records fall within the collecting scope fo the Archives, the types of materials listed below are often valuable in their content. These lists are suggestive, but not definitive.

Collecting Exclusions

It is not possible for the Archives to accept all materials that are offered. This may be due to duplication, condition, format, or subject areas in which we do not collect. Please note that we do not accept artifacts and suggest you contact the appropriate state, county, or local historical society for information. For further information about our collection policy and how to donate materials, please contact Special Collections & Archives.

For Further Information

For further information regarding donating materials, we encourage you to read our complete collection policy. Additional general information about donating collections can be found in the brochures A Guide to Donating Your Personal or Family Papers to a Repository and A Guide to Donating Your Organizational Records to a Repository, both published by the Society of American Archivists. All collection donations require a signed Deed of Gift of the materials to the archives. We will also be glad to mail you a copy of the brochures and other information concerning Special Collections and Archives and its programs.


Special Collections and Archives encourages its patrons and friends to consider making a financial donation. Financial gifts play a crucial role in supporting the Archives, its collections, and its outreach programs.

Here are just a few opportunities that would benefit from your financial gift:


Donations can also be made to our Special Collections and Archives' endowment funds. These funds provide support for collection acquisition and preservation and to our outreach programming. If the preservation of our past is important to you, please consider a contribution to the Archives' endownments or establishing a new endowment to assist us in our mission. For information about establishing a separate named endowment, please contact the Wright State University Foundation.

For more information, please contact Special Collections & Archives. Your support is greatly appreciated.