Fees & Ordering Process

Special Collections and Archives provides reprints or digital copies of our materials for a fee. Reproductions of documents, images, and media formats may be requested pending copyright and donor restrictions on materials.

For images to be used in publications, displays, exhibitions, or other non-personal or non-educational use, we require patrons to complete an Image Use Agreement form. Reproductions used for commercial or for-profit projects are also subject to our Copyright & Use of Materials policy.


Archives staff mediated requests require complete citation.

For requests of 60 pages or less, the charge is $0.25 per page. For requests of more than 60 pages, the charge is $0.25 per page, plus an additional labor/service fee of $10 per half hour for the time required to complete pages 61+ (with a minimum service fee of $10). This fee structure will also be applied to reference-only scanning of materials (delivered as low resolution PDF files).

There is a minimum $5.00 postage and handling fee for mailed requests.

Please note, when visiting Special Collections and Archives, researchers have access to a self-serve photocopier which costs 10 cents per copy.

Scanning and Printing

Scanning setup fee: $10.00


Electronic image files

Bulk Scanning

Bulk Scanning fees apply to orders of 50 images and above. Low Resolution images are less than 300 dpi. Hi-Resolution images are over 300 dpi. Delivery methods are determined by image file size and quantity. Requests are typically filled within 10 business days. Oversized and/or bulk orders may take longer.

  50-100 Images Scanned/Printed 101-500 Images Scanned/Printed 501-1000 Images Scanned/Printed 1001 Images & Above Scanned/Printed
Print Discount 20% 30% 40% 50%
High Resolution Electronic File (TIFF - above 300 dpi) $8.00 per image $7.00 per image $6.00 per image $5.00 per image
Low Resolution Electronic File (JPEG/PDF - 300 dpi & below) $4.00 per image $3.50 per image $3.00 per image $2.50 per image
Textual Electronic Document (PDF - per 10 pages) $4.00 per image $3.50 per image $3.00 per image $2.50 per image

Film and Audio Reproduction

CD, DVD, Audio Tape: $5.00

VHS: $25.00

BETA: $75.00

Delivery Options

Electronic delivery via email attachment or online download is no additional charge.

Mailed CDs or DVDs are $5 for shipping/handling in addition to the cost of the images each CD/DVD contains.

Placing an Order

Requests typically are filled within 10 business days. Rush options are available for an additional 50% charge to the original total.

To place a research request and/or public records request, please fill out the online research request form.

To place a request for image and media reproductions, please contact Special Collections & Archives with the following information: