Aircraft Maintenance Technicians Association
A non-profit organization created to promote the career field of aviation mechanics. The organization also recognizes and promotes the first aviation mechanic, Charles Taylor, who built the engine for the Wright Brothers' first flyer.

American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics (AIAA) Wright Flyer Project
This website is devoted to the building and flying of a 1903 Wright Flyer replica. It contains information on the project’s history, the people involved, and current events.

Aviation Trail, Inc.
This site links to the many Aviation sites in the Dayton area and provides maps and information on visiting these sites. It also contains a brief history of Aviation Trail, Inc. founded in 1981 to attract tourists and businesses to the region.

Dayton Metro Library
Provides information on the library’s Wright Brothers holdings. The library’s main page also offers access to books on aviation, physics, and the Wright Brothers.

First Flight
Contains information on the history of flight, the first planes, engines, and pilots. There are also interactive features such as movies and flight simulation.

Flying Machines: 1909 Postcard Exhibit
Features an online exhibit of postcards featuring flying machines and aviatiors from the early 20th century. The exhibit was created by Wright State University’s Special Collections and Archives.

Following in the Footsteps of the Wright Brothers: Their Sites and Stories
A collection of papers presented at a symposium at Wright State University in September 2001, tracing the careers and sites of significance to Wilbur and Orville Wright and the invention of powered flight.

Library of Congress
Search and view digitized documents and photographs in the Wright Brothers Collection at the Library of Congress. The collection includes the Wright Brothers' diaries, notebooks, scrapbooks and photographs.

National Air and Space Museum-"The Wright Brothers and the Invention of the Aerial Age"
An online exhibit about the Wright Brothers and the flyers they invented. The site also features the history of the Wright Brothers’ lives outside of the context of the airplane, interactive materials, and classroom materials for teachers.

The Ohio Memory Project
A scrapbook of primary sources located at Special Collections & Archives, Wright State University. Includes several documents and photographs from the Wright Brothers Collection.

Wright Brothers Aeroplane Co.
An online museum about the Wright Brothers offering information on the history of the Wright Brothers’ activities, virtual workshops, exhibits and photographs.

Wright Brothers Attractions in Dayton
A list of Wright Brothers attractions in Dayton.

Wright Brothers Digital Photographs in CORE Scholar
A searchable database of approximately two thousand images from the Wright Brothers Collection in the Special Collections & Archives Department at Wright State University.