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Flowers, Jamon

Jamon Flowers

Lake Campus Learning Center Manager
Address: Lake Campus Library
Phone: (937) 775-8360

Job Responsibilities:

Collaborate with faculty to develop innovative and effective ways to incorporate technology and digital scholarship into their teaching and research, helping to evaluate and select appropriate digital resources for integration into assignments, projects, courses, and research. Assist faculty and academic programs with technology integration and examine the effect of technology on teaching and learning. I am also responsible for the daily operations of the Learning Center, including supervisory duties, coordinating with the Dayton Campus Dunbar library to manage library resources, and serve as a liaison for other resources such as Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) and Computing and Telecommunications Services (CaTS).


Master of Education (Educational Technology)
May 02, 2015

Instrl Design Online Learning (Certificate)
May 02, 2015

Associate of Arts (Concentration Communication)
Aug 16, 2012

Bachelor of Arts (Concentration Liberal Studies)
Dec 15, 2012